Helicopters Victoria Police orders three AW139 helicopters

Helicopter manufacturer Leonardo has announced, that Victoria Police has ordered three AW139s

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With this latest order for three AW139 helicopters by the Victoria Police, Leonardo furthermore strengthens its AW139 presence in Australia and will have delivered over 120 Leonardo aircraft to operators in the country.

The intermediate twin-engine helicopters will be part of Victoria Police Air Wing´s fleet modernisation progress. With the state-of-the-art aircraft, the operator hopes to enhance its airborne capabilities.

StarFlight Victoria will supply all three AW139s. Missions like law enforcement, patrol and surveillance, and maritime search and rescue will be carried out by the operator. Homebase of the aircraft will be at Essendon Aircraft and flights will be performed on behalf of the Victoria Police Air Wing.

Deliveries of the helicopters are expected to start in late 2019. Leonardo will build the aircraft in its Italian Vergiate final assembly line facility. In 2020 then, the AW139s will enter service following dedicated mission customisation.

A range of equipment will be added to the aircraft, including advanced mission consoles, a wire cutter and rescue elevator, as well as a high-resolution camera. This equipment will help the operator to perform all missions most efficiently and conveniently possible.

The AW139 is a member of Leonardo Helicopter´s new-generation helicopter family, which also includes the AW169 and AW189. The helicopters all share the high-performance flight characteristics and safety features. Most customers are using the aircraft for law enforcement, EMS and parapublic missions.

To date, over 270 customers from 70 nations around the world have ordered the AW139. Nearly 1100 airframes have been or are yet to be delivered. It belongs to one of the bestselling aircraft in its category through its advanced technology, reliability and performance.

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