Helicopters Voom commences operations in Mexico City

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The Airbus subsidiary and on-demand helicopter service Voom has launched its service in Mexico City.

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Voom, which was launched in 2016, is an on-demand helicopter booking platform that allows passengers to request an individual seat on a helicopter.

“With a population of 23.9 million people and well-known traffic congestion, Mexico City was a natural choice for Voom’s second launch. Furthermore, Mexico City has the substantial helicopter infrastructure already in place, with more than 200 helipads in its metro area. Mexico also has a dedicated air traffic control for helicopters, allowing for more efficient air transportation,” Airbus stated on its website.

The start-up currently offers flights between four destinations: Toluca International Airport, Mexico City International Airport, Montes Urales and Interlomas. The heliport Interlomas is located on top of a building in Mexico City. Toluca International Airport is a smaller regional airport with over 780.000 passengers in 2017 and mostly domestic operations. With over 44 million passengers in 2017, Mexico City Airport is the busiest airport in the country. It is located only 5 kilometers east of Downtown Mexico City.

New Voom destinations in Mexico City © Airbus

Voom does not operate any helicopters, helipads or airfields. The platform allows to book flights with partnering helicopter airlines on its website. Voom was founded by Airbus’ Silicon Valley innovation hub A³ in 2016. In mid-February, Voom announced it has joined Airbus Helicopters.

Especially in mega cities with high traffic helicopter on-demand transportation becomes a growing market.

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