Industry Adria Airways cancels Sukhoi SuperJet order

Carrier Adria Airways has announced, that it will not take delivery of 15 previously ordered Superjet SSJ100 aircraft.

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In the last months, Adria Airways has been intensively working on finalising the deal and on preparing for the arrival of the aircraft. However, the carrier stated that it has not been able to finalise the contractual clauses with the Russian manufacturer.

Adria said that these were growing concerns about the commitment of Sukhoi to a fair and stable long-standing partnership. Moreover, the airline stated that a common vision of further strategic development of the company was lacking.

In November 2018, Adria Airways initially signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company regarding a long-term lease of the Superjet SSJ100 aircraft. Shareholders and the management have now agreed on not continuing with the partnership with SCAC.

Holger Kowarsch, the Managing Director of Adria Airways, commented: “We are naturally disappointed that the collaboration with Sukhoi did not reach a successful conclusion, but the partnership was only viable if given objectives set by the strategic business plan were attainable. Unfortunately, in this case, we did not think this is possible.”

In response to Adria Airways´ release, Sukhoi wrote: "In November 2018 there was a preliminary agreement achieved about the delivery of 15 aircraft to Adria Airways in 2019. The Agreement was supposed to be transferred to the firm order. The institutions that were to provide the financing, after consideration the Adria Airways financial report for 2018, recommended SCAC to cancel the deal to factor out the losses. The recommendations were accepted, and the work was stopped. The delivery of the aircraft is impossible without the firm order."

For now, Adria Airways will continue to focus on its current business, which is consisting of four pillars. The scheduled flying as the largest airline in Slovenia, carter and cargo flights, as well as service provider for other airlines. Adria also said that the structure of the fleet would remain unchanged.

Adria Airways was founded 58 years ago in 1961 and commenced operations the same year. The airline´s head office is located at Ljubljana, where an operational hub has been installed, too. Focus cities for Adria are Pristina and Tirana. The carrier is a member of the Star Alliance and currently operates a fleet of 19 aircraft, including three Airbus A319s, one ATR 72, 11 CRJ Regional Jets and three Saab 2000.

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