Industry Airbus partners with United Airlines for aircraft services

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has announced, that it has partnered up with United Airlines to manage aircraft data and enhance predictive maintenance capabilities.

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United Airlines is the latest airline to use Airbus´ data platform Skywise. An agreement was recently signed between the airline and Airbus. United is set to leverage Skywise to enhance all aspects of its maintenance and engineering operations.

“We are proud to partner with Airbus and Palantir on this new data platform, which will allow us to maximise the performance of our Airbus fleet by analysing the best data we have available and using those insights to continuously improve our operation,” said Praveen Sharma, United’s Vice President of Digital Products and Analytics.

Skywise also connects with the data integration platform Palantir Foundry. United began working with this platform last year and this seamless combination will provide United with the data to enhance its operational reliability.

Marc Fontaine, Airbus’ Digital Transformation Officer added: “Skywise will bring significant value by unlocking data, which will power operational efficiency in aircraft maintenance and flight operations for United Airlines’ fleet.” He added, “By extending Skywise to other company business functions, with Palantir, the potential for United will be even bigger.”

Skywise was initially launched back in 2017 and has become a platform of reference for major aviation players since then. The program improves the overall operational performance and ensures, that data continuity is guaranteed. Over 70 airlines around the world are working with Skywise and are experiencing benefits across the entire value chain.

In a statement, Airbus explained: "Skywise provides all users with one single access point to their aggregated and anonymised aviation data, enriched from multiple sources across the industry into one secure, cloud-based platform. The more data that airlines or OEMs share into the Skywise Core platform, the more accurate the predictions and models for customers connected."

United Airlines currently has 45 state-of-the-art A350-900 XWB on order, which will be delivered from 2022 onward.

The carrier is one of the largest airlines in the United States and operates a fleet of over 780 aircraft, including Airbus A319s, A320s, Boeing 737s, 757s, 767s, 777s and 787s. The airline commenced operations in 1926 and has its main hub at Chicago International airport.

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