Industry Aircraft manufacturers react on Corona-crisis

The leading aircraft manufacturers have announced its actions in order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

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The spread of the Coronavirus is affecting the aviation industry full-scale. After Boeing and Airbus confirmed positive COVID-19 tests for some of its employees, the manufacturer have now taken action to decelerate the spread.

Airbus has released, that it will temporarily pause the production and assembly at its sites in France and Spain. This decision was made after an employee had been diagnosed with the virus and will be implemented locally and in coordination with the social partners. The manufacturer said, it is working together with its customers to minimise the impact of the decision to halt the production.

In a statement, Airbus wrote: "Following the implementation of new measures in France and Spain to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbus has decided to temporarily pause production and assembly activities at its French and Spanish sites across the Company for the next four days. This will allow sufficient time to implement stringent health and safety conditions in terms of hygiene, cleaning and self-distancing, while improving the efficiency of operations under the new working conditions. In those countries, the Company will also continue to maximise homeworking wherever possible."

U.S.-American manufacturer Boeing on the other hand has issued a statement, in where the company announces to not stop its production. Boeing has advised all employees who are able to perform their work from home to do so. The company has also added that some sites were already partially or full operating under these guidelines.

Boeing said, that it has enhanced the cleaning procedures in work spaces, common areas and on high-tough surfaces. "We’re assessing the safety of all of our sites and their alignment with local, state and national government guidance as we continuously monitor this evolving situation," Boeing wrote.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has reacted to the COVID-19 virus as well. The company has implemented travel restrictions globally, increased the frequency of the cleaning and disinfection measures in the offices, production sites and maintenance facilities. Moreover, additional country and location-specific measures have been taken in accordance to guidelines and restrictions from local health authorities. Bombardier has advised employees who can work from home to use this opportunity.


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