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On Friday, ATR has signed a firm order with Air Botswana for two ATR 72-600s, a letter of intent with Aurigny for three ATR 72-600s equipped with ClearVisionTM technology and a firm order with Drukair for one ATR 42-600, equally equipped with the ClearVisionTM system.

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Air Botswana, the Botswana national flag carrier, has been operating ATR aircraft from the -500 series since 1996. Currently Air Botswana operates three ATR 42-500s and one ATR 72-500. Now the airline is updating its fleet and will replace the aircraft from the -500 series with new -600 series turboprops, incorporating newest standards and improving flying comfort. Configured with a 70-seat, dual class cabin, the aircraft are expected to be delivered by the end of this year.

Agnes Tsholofelo Khunwana, CEO of Air Botswana, said: “ATR is very reliable and has served us very well for over 20 years. The aircraft are very efficient and generally have favourable economics. Acquiring the new generation ATR 72-600 in a dual class configuration would be our most customer-centric development this year which I am confident, would greatly be embraced by our market.”

Air Botswana is an active member of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA).

Aurigny, an airline based in Guernsey, announced the signature of a Letter of Intent to purchase three ATR 72-600s. The order must be approved by the States of Guernsey. Aurigny is intending to replace the current fleet of ATR 72-500s with the more modern aircraft from the -600 series.

Featuring the new Enhanced Vision System (EVS) ClearViewTM, the aircraft includes an augmented outside-view in real-time, displayed to the pilot via a head-mounted visor. This technology was designed to improve the pilot’s vision. With Guernsey, located in the English Channel and regularly affected by fog this improved vision could help avoid flight operations disruptions.

Aurigny Chief Executive Officer, Mark Darby, said: “Once we have the approval from the States of Guernsey to proceed, the entry into service of the new aircraft equipped with the new ClearVision™ system will reduce flight disruptions, which will be very good news for the people of Guernsey, who rely on air travel for essential connectivity. Beyond beating the fog, upgrading to the -600 series will also further enhance the operational efficiency of Aurigny. We are also excited about welcoming our passengers into the modern ATR cabin and offering them even more comfort when they fly.”

Aurigny will be the first airline in commercial aviation in Europe implementing the EVS solution into their aircraft.

Drukair has placed an order for one ATR42-600 aircraft also equipped with EVS. Worldwide the airline will be the first operator incorporating the EVS technology. The aircraft is expected to be delivered in July 2019.

The carrier owned by the Royal Government of Bhutan has been operating ATR 42s since 2011. In the challenging environments of small airports in the Himalayan Mountains the EVS system improves security and performance.
Tandi Wangchuk, Chief Executive Officer of Drukair, said: “Purchasing another ATR was a natural decision. The improvements delivered by the -600 series’ new Standard 3 avionics, along with the ClearVision™ CVS system add significant operational and thus economic value. We also look forward to welcoming passengers into the most modern cabin in regional aviation and offering them the most comfortable in-flight experience possible.”

Drukairs’s fleet currently consists of three A319s and one ATR 42-500. 

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