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The new BelugaXL has rolled out of the paintshop with a livery chosen by Airbus employees. The new freighter will enter into service in 2019.

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Airbus presented its new oversize air transporter, the BelugaXL, fresh from the paintshop on Thursday. With one and a half years delay the first BelugaXL rolled out of the Airbus hangar in Toulouse in January 2018. The freighter will now undergo ground tests. Its first flight is planned for summer 2018 and it is scheduled to take up service in mid 2019 as the first of five new transport aircraft.

The new oversize air transporter is based on the A330-200 and around six meters longer as well as about one meter wider than its predecessor Beluga. The smaller Beluga can carry 47 tons of cargo, with an overall length of 56.15 meters and a width of 7.71 meters. Now, the BelugaXL can carry 53 tons of cargo and holds two A350 wings instead of just one, thus giving way to a faster production of Airbus’ A350.

The smiley livery that makes the BelugaXL actually look like a Beluga whale was chosen by Airbus employees from six submissions and won with 40 percent of the overall votes. 20.000 people participated in the poll.

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