Industry Boeing and Alaska Airlines announce partnership over ecoDemonstrator program

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced that it will work together with Alaska Airlines on the ecoDemonstrator program.

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Boeing and Alaska Airlines have partnered up to make flying safer and more sustainable. The companies signed an agreement that sees both parties working on the latest Boeing ecoDemonstrator program. Around 20 new technologies will be tested on a new 737-9 MAX aircraft.

At first, Alaska and Boeing are set to test a halon-free fire-extinguishing agent. It will significantly reduce effects on the ozone layer. Furthermore, an engine nacelle designed to reduce aircraft noise will be tested, as well as new cabin sidewalls made from recycled material. All these experiments will be installed on a newly delivered Boeing 737-9, which is set to join Alaska´s fleet this Summer.

Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO, commented: "Boeing is committed to continually improve air safety and the environmental performance of our products […] We're proud to collaborate with our hometown customer and other partners around the world this year to make flying more sustainable."

Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines' vice president, public affairs and sustainability, added: "We have a long history of working with Boeing to advance aviation technology, safety and fuel efficiency […] Alaska Airlines flies to some of the most beautiful and geographically diverse regions in the world and we are committed to finding ways to reduce climate impacts across our network. This work with Boeing to accelerate innovation on the ecoDemonstrator program enables us to contribute to a more sustainable future for our global community."

Boeing has been working with several aircraft as part of its ecoDemonstrator program, which was initially launched in 2012. Since then, nearly 200 promising technologies have been tested in the air with the aim to improve passenger experience and industrial, as well as environmental impacts.

Over the course of this latest agreement with Alaska Airlines, several tests will be performed within five months. Nine partners will be working with the manufacturer and the airline. After flight tests have been completed, the aircraft will be configured for passenger service.

Regarding the work with industry partners, Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer Chris Raymond, said: "Boeing put additional emphasis on sustainability in 2020 to align with our stakeholder and business priorities as well as our values […] Through our collaboration with industry partners, the ecoDemonstrator program is a great example of our commitment to work together to make flying safer and more sustainable for current and future generations.

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