Industry Boeing partners with SkyNRG to scale Sustainable Aviation Fuels

U.S. American manufacturer Boeing has released that it has partnered up with SkyNRG to scale Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

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Together with SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, Boeing has announced a partnership focused on scaling the use and availability of Sustainable Aviation Fuels globally. Additionally, Boeing announced to invest into SkyNRG Americas´ SAF production project.

Together, the companies seek accelerate the development of SAF globally. To ensure, that enough SAF is being needed, produced and provided, the companies will focus on scaling production capacity, building awareness and on engaging stakeholders.

Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer Chris Raymond, commented: "Sustainable aviation fuels are safe, proven and offer the greatest potential to reduce our industry's carbon emissions in the near, medium and long term […] This partnership is an important milestone on our journey to decarbonize aerospace, while ensuring that its societal and economic benefits are available to people everywhere."

Managing Director of SkyNRG, Maarten van Dijk, added: "We are extremely proud to take the longstanding Boeing-SkyNRG relationship to this new level. We have always been strong collaborators and through this teaming effort, we're strengthening our relationship even further."

"We are thrilled to be in this partnership with Boeing and grateful for their leadership by providing an advance payment for SAF from our first facility. With this teaming agreement, SkyNRG Americas will be able to accelerate our efforts to expand the SAF industry throughout North America," concluded John Plaza, CEO of SkyNRG Americas.

SkyNRG is a leading company in the SAF section and has the influence to change the use of traditional aviation fuels together with big manufacturers like Boeing. Together, the companies will build a production facility in North America.

Especially airlines on the West Coast of the states will be receiving SAF from SkyNRG. Over this course, Boeing has also announced to have bought SAF from this facility in order to use it for flight tests or other operations.

Boeing has been one of the leading aircraft manufacturers when it comes to developing and implementing SAF solutions. As manufacturer that performs several flight-tests a day, the solution to simultaneously test SAF makes sense. In 2008, Boeing started with test flights on SAF and today, the company regularly delivers aircraft with the sustainable aviation blend.

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