Industry Comac tests new technologies with study aircraft V1plus


Comac´s study aircraft V1plus has successfully performed its first flight. The aircraft features an unusual aerodynamic layout design with three surfaces.

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V1plus is an experimental aircraft from Chinese aircraft manufacturer Comac. The aircraft was developed by constructors of the concern and features some special characteristics, that could impact future generations of airliners.

At Shanghai Jinshan, the aircraft took off for the first time. After the short-distance take-off, engineers tested various angles and slopes, while performing realistic manoeuvres. Comac said, that the successful flight das proven the rationality of the aircraft´s aerodynamic layout.

The V1plus was built in 1:10 scale and is being controlled from the ground with the help of remote control. V1plus features three surfaces, the wing itself, a canard in the front of the aircraft and an aerodynamic tail. Named, “Winning the wind”, the V1plus was being designed to collect valuable data with its new and innovative constructional features.

To round up Comac´s vision for future airliners, the V1plus is being powered by four electric engines. This will allow the aircraft to be environmentally advanced, while also being efficient.

Advantages of the design of the aircraft are weight savings due to the stiff wing, reduced trimming resistance and a better overall uplift.

The product line-up from Comac consists of the regional aircraft ARJ21, the single-aisle C919 and the widebody aircraft CR929. But this portfolio has left the manufacturer with a missing middle-of-the-market aircraft.

As the company wants to compete with big aircraft manufacturers like Airbus or Boeing by reportedly 2020, it has to develop its own NMA aircraft. The V1plus is to set a first impression of how this NMA could look like.


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