Industry Embraer and EDP to partner in electric aircraft research

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced, that it has partnered with EDP to research electric aircraft.

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The newly announced cooperation between aircraft manufacturer Embraer and energy sector company EDP mainly aims at advancing technologies regarding storage and battery charging in the aviation branch.

Embraer has been working on an all-electric demonstrator aircraft project, utilizing the EMB-203 Ipanema as test bad. This prototype is expected to perform its maiden flight in the upcoming year and EDP will work on the aircraft over the course of the new partnership.

With the cooperation, both companies will share their knowledge in energy storage and battery charging technologies. These topics are essential and one of the main challenges when developing electric aircraft.

Embraer stated that the partnership also aims at investigating the applicability of high voltage batteries for the electric propulsion systems of small aircraft. Main aircraft characteristics like thermal control, weight, loading and unloading or efficiency and power quality will be evaluated during the partnership as well.

Luís Carlos Affonso, Vice President of Engineering and Corporate Strategy at Embraer said: “Embraer’s history of creating strategic partnerships through agile cooperation makes us one of the most recognized Brazilian companies for stimulating global knowledge networks, which in turn significantly increases the country's competitiveness [...] It is a pleasure to welcome EDP into this scientific research endeavor designed to build a sustainable future. Innovation is one of the pillars of Embraer's new strategy for the coming years.”

Miguel Setas, President of EDP in Brazil, added: “EDP aims to lead the energy transition to a low carbon economy. Our partnership with Embraer in the development of the company’s first 100% electric demonstrator aircraft represents a new frontier for our investment in electric mobility, which helps to position Brazil as a leading player in this market.”

With the shared knowledge, both companies seek to accelerate the development of certain technologies that drive the electric aircraft market forward.  EDP will help Embraer to complement ongoing research work, while Embraer will benefit from the professional´s knowledge at EDP.

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