Industry Embraer announces ERJ 145 aftermarket solution

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced a new aftermarket solution for its ERJ-145 aircraft.

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Embraer has released, that it is currently working at developing a new supplemental type certificate (STC) for a new variant of the ERJ-145 regional aircraft. This new aftermarket solution sees the aircraft being used as semiprivate jet.

Aim of the latest variant is it, to enhance the passenger comfort, privacy and safety on board. With this new configuration, customers will be able to use the aircraft in a more convenient way, with new premium seats installed in a 1-1 seating arrangement.

Marsha Woelber, Head of Worldwide Executive Jets Customer Support & Aftermarket Sales, Embraer Service & Support, said: “Embraer constantly assesses customer needs to offer innovative solutions and support new market requirements, which is why we developed the new semi-private conversion [...] We have identified this opportunity given the growing number of aircraft with semi-private interiors, which have doubled in two years, from 21 in 2019 to more than 40 in 2021. With the pandemic, we believe this number will increase even more.”

To enter this targeted market, Embraer will remove seats from the normally 50-seater aircraft. With the semi-private option, between 16 and 28 passengers can be accommodated on the premium seats. Furthermore, Embraer will install a flat floor and will remove the overhead bins for more space onboard.

The manufacturer released, that the full conversion process can and will be performed at Embraer Owned Service Centers around the world. As this is an aftermarket solution, customers who already own ERJ-145 aircraft can get their jet OEM-retrofitted by Embraer.

Regarding its customers, Embraer stated: "Embraer is targeting passengers who usually travel first class and may require more suitable flight options. The ERJ 145 semi-private jet allows these customers to avoid main crowded airports and save time, providing a premium experience to the passengers who will board from and disembark at a private terminal."

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