Industry Embraer develops demonstrator aircraft for propulsion technology

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced that it has developed a new demonstrator aircraft for propulsion technology.

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Over the course of the company´s 50th anniversary, images have emerged of a new demonstrator aircraft. Embraer is currently developing this aircraft, which flies with a 100% electric propulsion technology. According to the manufacturer, the first prototype will receive a special paint scheme to represent Embraer.

Embraer stated, that the company is ready to receive further systems and components to build the aircraft. The electric motor and controller for example are being manufactured by WEG at the company´s headquarters in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. The companies have signed a technological cooperation agreement for jointly developing electrification technologies.

The project also includes the partnership with Parker Aerospace. The company will be responsible to supply the cooling system for the demonstrator aircraft. This is of special importance, since technologies like this have not been the focus for most of the aeronautical companies.

In the upcoming months, the teams from Embraer and Parker Aerospace will continue to test the aircraft´s systems in the labs. Then, the software will be integrated into a demonstrator aircraft for testing under real operating conditions. According to Embraer, the first flight of the prototype is scheduled for next year.

About the technological cooperation, Embraer wrote in a statement: "The proposed scientific development program of aeronautical electrification, formalized through the cooperation between Embraer and WEG announced in May 2019, constitutes an effective and efficient instrument for experimentation and maturation of the technologies before they are applied in future products."

"The partnership, in the context of pre-competitive research and development, seeks to accelerate the knowledge of the necessary technologies to increase the energy efficiency of an aircraft, considering the use and integration of electric motors into innovative propulsion systems. A small single-engine aircraft, based on the EMB-203 Ipanema, will be used as test bed, carrying out the initial evaluation of the electrification technology," the manufacturer added.

Embraer is stimulating its knowledge networks by establishing further strategic partnerships. The manufacturer seeks to use these agile cooperation mechanisms to increase Brazil´s competitiveness and the construction of a sustainable future.

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