Industry Embraer receives orders for 19 new Ipanema agricultural aircraft

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced, that it has sold 19 new Ipanema agricultural aircraft.

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Embraer┬┤s agricultural aviation division has sold 19 new EMB-203 Ipanema single-seat aircraft, the manufacturer announced. With this order, Embraer has already sold 27 of the aircraft this year, reflecting in a higher demand than initially expected by the manufacturer.

The aircraft will be used in Brazil and show, that the country┬┤s agribusiness and the technological innovations involved is constantly evolving. The Ipanema aircraft for dusting services has been the most popular of its kind in the market. In the Midwest, Embraer was able to notice the most orders for the EMB-203, but other parts of the country are increasing their demand as well.

Currently, Ipanema has delivered nearly 1500 of its aircraft and is therefore a leader in the agricultural aviation segment. The company holds a 60% share of the national market and has a strong role in the market.

The EMB-203 incorporates high technology and the constant iteration of technologies make the aircraft better with every version. "Its role in precision agriculture combines high technology and continuously evolves to meet the requirements of high productivity and low operating cost," Embraer explained.

Regarding the aircraft, Embraer added: "The Ipanema 203, the most updated model in the series, has incorporated multiple improvements such new wing parts with different geometry and more resistant stainless-steel material. This solution postpones eventual wear and tear from the severe natural condition of field operations and maintenance expenses over the years. The advanced aerial sprayer also has a new design on the engine hood, with new air outlet grilles to ensure greater cooling."

Ipanema was established in the late 1960s, when Embraer signed a contract with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture over the production of agricultural aircraft. Aim of the cooperation was it, to develop and implement new production techniques into the process.

The newest iteration of the aircraft, the Ipanema 203, runs on renewable energy and received its type certificate in the country six years ago. It has a wingspan of 13.3 meters and its flight characteristics allow operators to carefully dust and spray their fields.

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