Industry Exclusive view inside the Mitsubishi Regional Jet

AVIPEO.COM had the chance to take a look inside Mitsubishi’s new Regional Jet, which is scheduled to be delivered in mid-2020.

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The aircraft, which is displayed at the Farnborough Air Show, has the registration JA23MJ and is painted in the colors of All Nippon Airlines. It is used as one of five aircraft for the ongoing testing and certification process of the new aircraft type.

Mitsubishi has launched the project for a twin-engine regional jet in 2008 with the goal of an entry into service in 2013. The Japanese company decided to develop two different models: the larger MRJ90 and the smaller MRJ70. The MRJ90 will have a maximum seating capacity for 92 people and a maximum range of around 3700 kilometers. The smaller model offers a seating capacity for up to 80 passengers with a similar range. After several delays, the first aircraft took off for its maiden flight in November 2015. In 2017, Mitsubishi was forced to announce a further delay for the first delivery of the aircraft to mid-2020. As the Japanese airspace is often crowded, and there are several corporations with US companies, most of the testing takes place in Moses Lake, Washington.

Mitsubishi decided to display one MRJ90 at the Farnborough Air Show.

All Nippon Airlines was the launch customer of the aircraft type. The Japanese carrier ordered seven MRJ70 and 15 MRJ90. All aircraft will be operated by the regional subsidiary ANA Wings. Several other airlines, like SkyWest (100 MRJ90) and Japan Airlines (42 MRJ70 and 32 MRJ90) have placed orders for the regional jet.

For the testing period, the displayed aircraft does not have a normal cabin configuration. In our gallery you can see how the aircraft looks inside.


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