Industry H2FLY and Deutsche Aircraft partner on developing hydrogen aircraft

The companies H2FLY and Deutsche Aircraft have partnered up to explore a hydrogen-powered regional jet for the future.

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H2FLY and Deutsche Aircraft have announced to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) over joining forces to explore climate-neutral, hydrogen-powered aviation solutions for the regional aviation market of the future.

Deutsche Aircraft is a new German aircraft manufacturer while H2FLY has focused on developing hydrogen fuel cell systems for aircraft and already flew the world´s first hydrogen-electric passenger flight last year. Together, the companies will bring their respective knowledge into researching and developing a new regional aircraft.

Together, the companies will develop the technical and certification requirements that have to be met for fuel cell systems. Main objective of the partnership is it, to integrate the power system into the aircraft.

Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, co-founder and CEO, H2FLY, said: “Flying provides an incredibly important opportunity for humankind, but today that opportunity comes at a significant cost to our planet. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides an opportunity for us to completely eliminate carbon and NOx emissions from regional flights and the technology to make that happen is closer than most people think.”

Martin Nüßeler, CTO at Deutsche Aircraft, added: “We are looking forward to partner with companies that do not only share our passion for the environment, but also have the technical expertise to ensure that climate-optimised aviation stays safe and reliable, we are convinced the partnership with H2FLY will move us forward on the path to applying hydrogen fuel cells in larger aircraft.”

Over the course of the project, the companies will convert a Dornier Do 328 aircraft for hydrogen flight. The demonstrator aircraft is expected to take off for the first time in 2025. Results could validate the potential for hydrogen solutions for aircraft in the 40-seat category.

Thomas Jarzombek, Member of the German Bundestag, Coordinator of the Federal Government for German Aerospace, commented on Germany´s strategy: “From 2035 onward hybrid-electric flying has to be the new standard in Germany. I am happy about the agreed technological cooperation for a sustainable aviation made in Germany. The German Government will continue to support this path to innovation with its R&D funding program aiming to let the vision of a Zero-Emission Aircraft become reality.”

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