Industry Kitty Hawk unveils autonomous flying taxi Cora

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Google co-founder Larry Page´s drone company Kitty Hawk has unveiled its autonomous flying taxi “Cora”.

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The aircraft will seat two passengers and will fly 110 mph with electricity. Kitty Hawk hopes to contribute its part in building a sustainable world.

The all electric Cora will be able to fly up to 914 meters (3,000ft) above ground and has a wingspan of 11 meters. The aircraft will take off vertically like a drone, and then use its propeller at the back to gain speed. It is equipped with 12 rotors.

Cora said in a blog post: “After almost 8 years of engineering, re-engineering and re-re-engineering, we had done it. We had designed an air taxi, affectionately named Cora, that could take off like a helicopter and transition to flying like a plane. The possibilities were limitless.”

The company now seeks approval for launching its autonomous passenger system in New Zealand. Within three years, Kitty Hawk hopes to gain the aircraft´s certification.

Dr. Peter Crabtree of New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) commented: “In New Zealand, we know we can’t keep using the same old approaches to meet our future challenges. We saw Cora’s potential as a sustainable, efficient and transformative technology that can enrich people’s lives, not only in New Zealand, but ultimately the whole world.”

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