Industry MTU Maintenance Zhuhai celebrates 3,000 shop visits with facility expansion

MTU Maintenance Zhuhai has announced it has completed its 3,000th shop visit and that it has completed its capacity expansion.

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MTU Maintenance, the joint venture between German company MTU Aero Engines and China Southern Airlines Ltd., has announced that it has completed its expansion to increase the available capacity by 50 per cent. With the new room, the company is expected to be able to perform 450 shop visits per year.

13,600 square meters will be added to the existing facilities and employees will also be able to use new parking facilities. MTU announced, that the teams will move into the new office buildings from December. The shop will ramp up once the market demand increased post COVID-19.

Simultaneously with the opening of the new facility, MTU has also completed its 3,000th shop visit by an engine. This is a milestone for the company was socially-distanced celebrated in a small circle.

Michael Schreyögg, Chief Program Officer, MTU Aero Engines said: “We’re extremely confident in the recovery of the Chinese and Asian market region, as underlined by our commitment to building a second facility in the region announced earlier this week [...] Despite a slow second quarter, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai is back operating at nearly 100 percent and assuming this trend continues, we’re very optimistic about 2021 at the facility.”

Jaap Beijer, President and CEO, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai, added: “I’m delighted that we achieved both these milestones and have the chance to celebrate some positive news in what has been a turbulent year for our industry [...] I’d like to express my gratitude to our joint venture partner for the on-going, great collaboration. I’d also like to thank our customers worldwide, who have contributed to this success, as well as our highly motivated employees for their dedication in making these achievements possible.”

The maintenance shop is located in the Chinese province Guangdong near Macau and Hong Kong on the other hand. At the shop, MTU Maintenance performs services for the CFM57, LEAP and V2500 engines.

80 percent of all repairs are happening in-house and as the facility is located in the free trade zone, the facility benefits from its proximity to the larger cities and cargo networks nearby.

MTU Maintenance Zhuhai serves not only China Southern Airlines, but also 70 customers from China, Asia and around the world. To cope with the rising customers, the company increased its capacity from 200 to 300 shop visits in 2012.

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