Industry Ravn Alaska signs partnership with company Planitas for route optimization

Ravn Alaska has announced a new partnership with Planitas to improve revenue intelligence across it´s extensive route network.

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American regional carrier Ravn Alaska has signed a strategical partnership with Planitas, a company that has specialized in analysing revenue intelligence through route optimization. Together, the companies will work on analysing the business operations across Alaska to include Northern Pacific Airways.

The recently founded transpacific airline is a subsidiary of FLOAT Alaska, to which Ravn belongs as well. Northern Pacific Airways seeks to offer low-cost flights between North America and Asia with stopovers at Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport in Alaska.

With partner Planitas, the airlines will have their network and operations optimized in order to offer the most efficient destinations and route for the airline´s future networks. Northern Pacific seeks to start operations this year.

Planitas will be implementing its ADAPTiv ABIS system, which is an analytics platform developed by the company. It will power all revenue data analytics and performance insights. The program will also indicate connection traffic and partnership contributions.

Rob McKinney, CEO of Ravn Alaska and Northern Pacific Airways, commented: “We are making some major improvements to our operations, including greater visibility of our sales performance. ABIS will improve our forecasting and enable us to make business critical changes to revenue management strategies using real-time information. The quality of data that ABIS provides is essential to our ability to make commercial decisions on a day-to-day basis. I am looking forward to working with Planitas as we head into 2022.”

ABIS provides access Ravn to usage information down to Passenger Name Record (PNR) level. These specific and differentiated data allow for real-time decisions on short notice, especially in the segment marketing operations and pricing.

Simon Grennan, CEO of Planitas added: “Ravn Alaska is a progressive airline that is expanding its operations across Alaska and adding new long-haul destinations through its new business – Northern Pacific Airways. We have developed ABIS to be the best-in-class analytics software for understanding flight revenue performance and improving forecasting accuracy. ABIS will empower Ravn Alaska’s pricing and revenue management teams to improve sales and revenue streams by making better, more informed decisions. We are delighted to be working with Rob and his team.”

Ravn Alaska commenced regional operations in January 2014 and is currently flying with a fleet of 11 aircraft with an average age of just under 30 years. The fleet consists of 10 De Havilland Canada DHC-8-100s and one DHC-8-300.

Northern Pacific Airways purchased six used Boeing 757-200 aircraft back in September 2021. Before entry-into-service, the aircraft will undergo a full C-level maintenance check with Certified Aviation Services LLC in San Bernardino.

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