Industry S7 Group intends to buy 75 Sukhoi Superjet SSJ 75s

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At Eurasia Airshow, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and S7 Group have signed a Letter of Intention (LoI) for the purchase of SSJ 75 aircraft.

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Both parties will decide until the end of Summer 2018, if the agreement is confirmed. The deal includes purchase rights for 50 SSJ75 aircraft, with an option to order 25 more. S7 will be the first airline to commence scheduled operations with the SSJ75.

President of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, Alexander Rubtsov, stated: “It is pleasant to see that the plans of SCAC concerning further improvement of the aircraft are supported by Russian leading carriers such as S7. We hope that our collaboration will result in competitive, efficient aircraft relevant for the market.”


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Sukhoi said, that the first delivery is planned for 2022. If all goes to plan, S7 will be the launch customer of the newly modified aircraft. The manufacturer and S7 seek to establish a supervisory council as part of the new aircraft program. The Council will consist of Sukhoi and S7 representatives.

According to Sukhoi, the aircraft will be produced with a maximum of Russian components to strengthen the economy in the country. As the SSJ75 is smaller than its brother, the SSJ100, the new aircraft is set to reduce weight up to 10-15% and to improve aerodynamics by up to 10%. This results in less fuel consumption.

Sukhoi stated: “According to the assessments the perspective demand for such aircraft might reach 200-300 aircraft for Russian market and up to 3000 for foreign market.”

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