Industry Sukhoi launches corporate SSJ100 airline project

Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi has announced, that it has launched an SSJ100 corporate airline project.

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At the Russian Investment Forum 2019 at Sochi in Russia, the JSC “United Aircraft Corporation“ (UAC), “Business Aviation Center” of Vnukovo airport and the National Reserve Corporation (NRC) all have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an SSJ100 corporate airline project.

The project sees 56-seated SSJ100 aircraft being equipped in a business-class configuration. The plane then will operate irregular flights that are being arranged upon request for corporations, concert tours or sports teams.

Yury Slyusar, the UAC President, said: “Civil production line formation and its promotion to the market is one of the main corporation priorities. The niche of the corporate charter transportation is attractive from its growth potential, and on the other hand, it hasn’t been taken by Russian aircraft yet. The creation of the charter platform with the SSJ100 in its core is another exertion of the state policy of manufacturers support. We think that the business version of the SSJ100 might be the unique product for the market that would be able to provide the best balance of the necessary comfort level and the economic efficiency.”

“The support of the aviation industry is one of VEB-leasing’s priorities. The MoU singed will have a positive impact on the SSJ100 program and will allow to constitute a competitive product and take another niche. We are glad that together with state institutions commercial players show interest too, and that allows feeling confident about the prospects of the project,” added Artem Dovlatov, VEB-leasing Director-General.

Vitaly Vantsev, co-owner of the international airport Vnukovo and the Azimuth airline, concluded: “A year and a half of success for Azimuth airline showed high demand for regional transportation in Russia. Vnukovo-3 is the largest business aviation centre in Russia and Eastern Europe with its own developed infrastructure. Our business aviation centre will easily provide comfortable ground and flight handling operation and will suit best for the airlines working in this kind of transportation segment.”

After the signing of the MoU, all parties will start working on preparing the financial parameters of the project. Moreover, the deal structure will be developed. The volume of produced aircraft is yet to be announced as well.

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