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The Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi is negotiating with a new potential customer.

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Seven years after the first Sukhoi Superjet100 entered into service for Armavia, a new airline could order the Russian twin-engine regional jet.

Sukhoi has announced it has signed a Letter of Intention with Alexcina LLC for up to 12 SSJ100 aircraft. The agreement was announced at the Bahrain Air Show 2018.

According to the announcement, the parties will continue its negotiations on the delivery of up to 12 SSJ100 aircraft in the next months. The aircraft might be delivered to the Alexcina Airways sub-company or to other Alexcina LLC Customers.

The configuration and the terms of the delivery as well as other details are to be defined throughout further negotiations.

Alexcina Airways das currently not operate any aircraft. According to the group’s website, it has assigned a suitable budget to reserve Boeing 737MAX aircraft. The airline plans to lease the aircraft to other airlines or operate it as a freighter.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 at the Bahrain Air Show 2018
Sukhoi Superjet 100 at the Bahrain Air Show 2018 © Sukhoi

Sukhoi has so far built over 165 SSJ100 Superjet for different customers. The twin-engine regional jet offers seat capacity for up to 108 passengers. Beside mostly Russian carriers, CityJet and the Mexican Interjet are international customers for the aircraft. According to media reports, several airlines complained about the reliability of the jet, as there were problems with the supply of spare parts. Brussels Airlines announced to replace all wet-leased CityJet SSJ100 with Bombardier CRJ aircraft in early-2019.

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