Industry Worldwide Aircraft Services receives certification for Saab 340B MTOW increase

Worldwide Aircraft Services has announced, that it has gained exclusive rights to sell a Saab 340B configuration with MTOW increase.

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Through a jointly signed License Agreement, Worldwide Aircraft Services has received the exclusive rights to sell the new Service Bulletin to increase the Maximum Design Take-Off Weight (MTOW) for the Saab 340B aircraft.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have approved the MTOW Service Bulletin Kit. Worldwide Aircraft Services stated that it will improve the overall operational flexibility of the Saab 340B.

The operational weight will be increased by 454 kg (1,000lb). This allows the operator to always maximize the payload, to offer increased range or the ability to tanker fuel. Meanwhile, the cabin or the cargo loading weights don’t need a direct change.

Dave Vorbeck of Worldwide Aircraft Services commented: “All operations -be it passenger, freighter or Special Mission flights can often use a few additional pounds and this service bulletin will allow just that; reducing mission requirements of trading fuel for payload or limiting range [...] It is always good partnering with Saab on programs designed to improve the 340 fleet, and this maximum take-off weight increase is really a great product for extending the life and improving the flexibility of the 340B aircraft.”

"This modification will offer all operators of the 340B model aircraft increased profitability through maximizing payload, increasing range and limiting high-cost remote fuel requirements.  The Service Bulletin installation can be accomplished by the operator and will be offered with volume discounting for larger fleets," the company added.

Worldwide Aircraft Services has been working with Saab aircraft in the past and is an Approved Maintenance Operation (AMO) facility. The company has developed the Saab 340B Freighter STC together with the manufacturer. Furthermore, Worldwide Aircraft Services has gained several other certifications for modifications of the aircraft.

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