Planespotting The Emirates A380 has landed in Hamburg

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The Emirates A380 has finally returned to Hamburg!

On Monday, Emirates Airline has officially started to serve Hamburg with the mighty Airbus A380. The double-decker will fly the evening route on a daily basis. EK61/62 has previously been operated with Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

AVIPEO.COM had the chance to experience the first arrival of scheduled A380 services to Hamburg from the apron. The aircraft touched down at 12:49LT over runway 05 and presented itself to the press. Emirates operated the first scheduled A380 flight on the noon-rotation for the press to take photos during daytime. Beginning October 30, 2018, the A380 will land at Hamburg at 19:05LT and will take-off to Dubai at 21:00.

Emirates Airbus A380 at Hamburg Airport
Emirates Airbus A380 at Hamburg Airport © Maurits Eisenblätter

After the landing, the aircraft received a water salute from the airport´s fire brigade. Hamburg is known for its Airbus factory at Finkenwerder, where not only the A320 Family is being assembled, but where every single Airbus A380 receive its coat of paint and the cabin as well.

Emirates Airbus A380
Emirates Airbus A380 © Maurits Eisenblätter

During the press event, Thierry Antinori, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer said: “We are finally bringing our flagship aircraft ‘home’ as all our A380s are being fitted at Airbus in Hamburg. We are the first airline to offer scheduled A380 services into Hamburg and we are proud to operate the A380 on flights to all German gateways. This year marks the tenth year of Emirates’ A380 operations. This aircraft has become the most recognisable and admired ones in the world, loved by over 105 million passengers that have experienced the Emirates A380 to date and sets the benchmark for travel comfort in commercial flying.”

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport added: "Today we are celebrating a first flight at Hamburg Airport, which we have been looking forward to for a long time: Emirates is the first airline to use an Airbus A380 as a regular service at our airport. From now on, the largest passenger aircraft in the world will serve once a day the evening flight on our popular connection between Hamburg and Dubai. The use of this impressive machine is a logical consequence of the consistently high capacity of Dubai flights. For the passengers this means even more comfort."

Emirates A380
© Maurits Eisenblätter

Hamburg is Emirates´ 50th A380 destination and the fourth city in Germany to be served by the jumbojet. Currently flights from Dubai to Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf are being operated with the A380.

Emirates Airline is the world´s largest A380 operator with over 100 aircraft already in its fleet. In addition, the airline has a remaining backlog of 57 aircraft that will be delivered beyond 2020. Hamburg Airport hopes to further strengthen the local economy with the A380.

Over the course of the regular A380 operations at Hamburg, the airport organized a special apron tour for planes potters. We would like to thank Hamburg Airport and Emirates for this great opportunity and the organization!

To celebrate the day, Emirates has released a video of the first landing of the Airbus A380 in Hamburg.


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