Start-Ups Aviation Originals starts crowdfunding campaign

  • Ehrensache D/V GmbH & Co. KG

Sponsored Content: The German company Ehrensache D/V GmbH & Co. KG has announced a crowdfunding campaign for its new label Aviation Originals.

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Aviation Originals will transfer original aircraft seats into designer furniture for offices and private households. Together with the German research Institute Fraunhofer Institut, the company developed a unique substructure which allows to use the seats outside of aircrafts. This substructure is ideally adapted to the requirements of the living and office environment and takes into account the tipping point and the safe standing, without the former aircraft rail anchorage.

“Aviation Originals will be our first crowdfunding project and we hope to attract a large number of customers who can secure their own Aviation Originals Seat at a uniquely discounted early bird price”, Aviation Originals Managing Director Thomas Gardeia stated.

Aircraft Seat
Aviation Originals Aircraft Seat © Ehrensache D/V GmbH & Co. KG

The crowdfunding will start on April, 18 on the international platform Kickstarter. Aviation Originals will exhibit its first prototypes at the Aero Friedrichshafen and the ILA in Berlin in the next weeks.

Aviation Originals will be the second label beside Bag to Life, the German think tank has developed. On the website of Bag to Life, aviation enthusiasts can acquire bags and accessories from original aircraft lifejackets.


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