Start-Ups Greece carrier Air Mediterranean commences operations

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The Greece start-up carrier Air Mediterranean has commenced operations in November. The new airline connects its hub Athens Airport with several destinations.

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In early November a new Greece start-up carrier commenced operations from its hub Athens Airport. The inaugural flight to Stockholm took place on November 3, 2017. First European destinations beside Stockholm are London-Stansted, Larnaca. In addition to European flights, the new carrier offers services to Baghdad, Casablanca, Jeddah and Khartoum. In the next step, Air Mediterranean plans to connect Athens with Beirut, Kuwait and the Iraqi city Najaf.

Air Mediterranean received its AOC in January 2017 after the acquisition of a first Boeing 737. According to, Air Mediterranean currently operates a fleet of two Boeing 737-400 aircraft. All aircraft are configured in a single economy class with 168 seats.

Air Mediterranean CEO, Fadi Hallak explains: “The Boeing 737 is an ideal aircraft for our operation, which is known for its reliability and versatility. (…). Our operation conveniently connects three continents all through our very strategically located central hub in Athens, making destinations easily accessible. So the B737 is well suited for this mission.”

A third aircraft of the same type is scheduled to enter into service in the next months. Furthermore, the carrier is examining the option of adding additional Boeing 737-400 or 737-800 aircraft to its fleet.

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