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Dr. Achim Leder is the founder of the start-up jetlite. The company with office in Hamburg has developed an innovative concept that can help to reduce jetlag on long-haul flights by the best impact of lighting and nutrition over the whole passenger-journey. AVIPEO took the opportunity to chat with Dr. Leder.

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Mr. Leder, your company jetlite offers innovative lighting products for aircraft. What is the difference between your product and the existing lighting concepts?

First of all we do not offer hardware as the current products on the market, e.g. Cabin-Lighting by Diehl are perfect for us. Our comfort-solutions, that enhance passengers convenience, can reduce jetlag by chronobiological improved cabin-lighting concepts which are based on the jetlite®-algorithm that calculates the right lighting regarding flight-time, duration of the flight and overflown time-zones.

How could a lighting concept help to reduce jetlag on long-haul flights?

The key-driver to reduce jetlag are good sleep and activation, each to the right time. Our concepts support the production or the suppression of the sleeping-hormone melatonin dependent on the flight-status.

How did you develop the concept for your lighting product?

First of all we have proven in an open innovation process with Airbus, Diehl, Osram and Fraunhofer, arranged by Wuppertal University that cabin lighting is usable to shift the inner clock of passengers. Based on these results and numberless other fundamental researches we started the development of the jetlite®-algorithm.

Ambient and functional lighting is getting more and more attention from airline representatives. What is the advantage for airlines to invest in such a technology?

Lighting is very important for the mood of people and so the comfort-feeling of passengers, beside it is not very expensive to use it as a differentiator. Anyway I have to add that we do not only focus on cabin-lighting but also the best impact of light and nutrition over the whole passenger-journey. Airlines that use jetlite can offer their passengers very easy and low prized optimized comfort that can reduce jetlag.

Are your products only interesting for new aircraft or could they be installed during a retrofit?

jetlite® fits well with retrofit.

Where can customers experience your products?

At present the cabin-lighting of Lufthansa´s A350 is based on our knowledge.

What will be the next steps in your product development? How will your planned app help to reduce jetlag?

The next steps are the finalization of our app and the following market-prove with an airline-partner.

From January 2016 until March 2017 your company was part of the Airbus BizLab, a global aerospace business accelerator in Hamburg. How did this cooperation with an aircraft manufacturer help your company?

Thanks to Airbus BizLab we developed a product based on our scientific concept and exponentially increased the visibility of jetlite in the branch. Furthermore we had the chance to use test-facilities and talk to experts within the concern who answered many questions.

The number of start-ups in the aviation industry and their influence on innovations is growing – start-ups and the aviation industry how do these worlds go together for you?

Well, I see a big chance for the established industry to learn from small and innovative entities how to develop ideas to usable solutions without “mind barriers”. On the other hand the chance for startups to work together with huge concerns increase due to the awareness of the industry. Anyway, the big players like Airbus have to become more flexible regarding contractual agreements with startups.

AVIPEO is the first social network for the aviation community. How important are networks and relationships to people with aviation background for you?

From my point of view it is very difficult to run an enterprise, especially in the aviation industry, without a proper network. Therefore I support the network-thinking.

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