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In the second half of 2018, Swoop is planning to launch international operations. The Ultra-Low-Cost carrier eyes to commence domestic operations in June 2018.

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During a quarterly earnings meeting WestJet CEO Ed Sim stated, that its subsidiary airline Swoop is likely to launch new international destinations. Sim said: "We will look to continue to grow the Swoop network and we plan to launch exciting destinations in the trans-border and international markets later this year."

Swoop is set to launch initial domestic operations in late June 2018. The Ultra-Low-Cost carrier will deploy four Boeing 737-800s on routes between the Canadian cities of Abbotsford, Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax. On February 1st, 2018, the airline successfully started to sell tickets. All aircraft will be transferred from WestJet, the parent company on Swoop.

Sims added: "Progress towards operational readiness, including the recruitment of pilots and cabin crew members, is well advanced; we have fully crewed our launch aircraft with highly experienced pilots and have established the team with global ULCC experience; all regulatory submissions remain on track, and we are proceeding as planned with great support from Transport Canada to achieve full required regulatory approvals."

In March 2018, Swoop announced to add a fourth aircraft to increase Hamilton operations.

Swoop is an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier, headquartered in Calgary, Canada. The airline is wholly owned by WestJet and was founded in September 2017. The main operational base will be in Calgary. The carrier plans to operate with Boeing 737-800 aircraft, who originate from WestJet. By Spring 2019, the airline aims to fly with 10 aircraft.

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