Start-Ups VLM Airlines plans to connect London with Antwerp

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The Slovenian start-up VLM Airlines has announced plans to connect the Belgium city Antwerp with London City Airport from October 30, 2017. The carrier plans to connect the two cities with three or four flights on weekdays and two flights on Sundays.

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Richard Hill, Chief Commercial Officer at London City Airport said: “We welcome the return of VLM Airlines to London City to operate this speedy and convenient Antwerp route, which is the only connection between a UK airport to Belgium’s second largest city. The link is particularly valued by frequent flyers on business, and VLM’s commencement of services on 30 October ensures business as usual for passengers.”

Irish carrier CityJet has taken over the connection from former VLM Airlines in 2016 after their insolvency but currently announced the end of the connection by October 27, 2017.

The former Belgium VLM Airlines had to file for bankruptcy and cease operations in May 2016. Some months later, SHS Antwerp Aviation NV, a subsidiary of SHS Aviation B.V. (Netherlands), launched the successor VLM Airlines. The new airline has granted a Slovenian Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in May 2017. In the same month the SHS Aviation B.V. acquired parts of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium including 40 ground staff employers. SHS Aviation B.V. is aiming at receiving a Belgium AOC to operate two VLM Airlines units in Belgium and Slovenia.

The new route could be only one of several new routes for the start-up carrier. VLM Airlines is cooperating with the German global consolidation service Hahn Air Systems GmbH. The company profile on Hahn Air’s website shows additional routes from Antwerp to Zurich, Zurich to Maribor and Maribor to Belgrade.

The Slovenian VLM Airlines unit started scheduled operations from Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia in August.

Currently VLM Airlines operates a fleet of six Fokker 50 aircraft. The 50-seat aircraft come from the former Belgium VLM Airlines. Three of these Fokker 50 operate on the Slovenian AOC.

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