UAV Bell unveils new VTOL air taxi at CES 2019

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During the CES 2019, Bell Helicopter has revealed the configuration of its vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) air taxi vehicle.

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Named Bell Nexus, the vehicle is being powered by a propulsion system that is being operated with hybrid-electric. It features Bell´s lift concept that includes six tilting fans, with which the manufacturer hopes to redefine air travel.

Mitch Snyder, president and CEO, Bell commented on CES 2019: "The industry has anticipated the reveal of our air taxi for some time, so Bell is very proud of this moment. We believe the design, taken with our strategic approach to build this infrastructure, will lead to the successful deployment of the Bell Nexus to the world."

For this project, Bell is collaborating with various companies like Safran, Garmin, Moog, EPS or Thales. While Bell will lead the development, design and the production of the VTOL system, Safran will take over the development of the hybrid propulsion system. Garmin integrates the avionics and the vehicle management computer, while Moog is working on the flight control actuation systems. EPS provides the energy storage systems and Thales develops the hard- and software of the vehicle´s Flight Control Computer (FCC).

This joint collaboration with multiple companies ensures, that all aspects of the aircraft are being developed and produced by experts. Every company focuses on what they do best, according to Bell, this will ultimately lead to success of its Nexus project.

On CES 2019, Bell also announced a new venture for the company called Autonomous Pod Transport (APT). These vehicles can serve many missions in the offshore, on-demand or medical categories. This further expansion of industries shows Bell´s commitment to the future of air travel.

With urban air travel coming closer to the masses, Bell also developed a Future Flight Controls simulator, which is displayed at CES as well. As last step, Bell plans to design a flight control ecosystem that allows people to operate urban air vehicles.

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