UAV Embraer´s Eve announces another UAM collaboration

Embraer company Eve has announced, that it will collaborate with Skyports over new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions.

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Together, Eve and Skyports have formed a new partnership that seeks to explore new solutions and innovations regarding UAM products for the future of aviation. Skyports is a leading vertiport company and this partnership focuses on early adopter markets with these technologies, like Asia and the Americas.

In early 2020, Eve and Skyports already announced to be working together. Back then, Eve was incubated at EmbraerX. Now, technologies and solutions of UAM have been that much advanced, that many companies are ready to enter the aviation markets.

Eve has been developing an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft that features zero-emissions and low noise. Together with Urban Air Traffic Management software and operational procedures concepts, the companies want to thrive the branch forward with starting eVTOL operations in these markets.

André Stein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eve, said: “In transition to a low carbon economy, the aerospace industry depends on disruptive innovation to create a more sustainable future. With urban air mobility, we have a unique opportunity to co-create vertiports, vehicles, and operation, designing a new and optimized mobility ecosystem from the ground up. We are thrilled to have Skyports in this journey to develop UAM solutions in Asia and the Americas, bringing us a step closer in providing commuters and travelers with an entirely new, zero-emission, experience.”

Duncan Walker, Chief Executive Officer at Skyports, added: “Our partnership with Eve paves the way for rapid innovation in UAM, accelerating innovation to meet the growing demand for eVTOL services. We are looking forward to the expanded partnership, unlocking new opportunities in this fast-growing market.”

Skyports is the latest company to sign a strategic partnership with Eve. Recently, the Brazilian company announced UAM partnerships with Ascent, Helisul and Halo in which the manufacturer earned new orders for its eVTOL vehicle.

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