UAV EmbraerX and Elroy Air to collaborate on unmanned air cargo

EmbraerX has announced it has partnered up with Elroy Air to collaborate on unmanned ai cargo.

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Embraer´s disruptive business subsidiary EmbraerX has announced its expansion into the commercial air cargo market. A collaboration agreement has been signed with Elroy Air at CES 2020. With this partnership, the airlines seek to accelerate in the unmanned air cargo market worldwide.

“In order to stay the course of creating solutions that benefit humanity at large, we believe the cargo market is prime for an autonomous aircraft,” said Antonio Campello, President & CEO, EmbraerX. “Booming eCommerce is forcing the cargo market to grow and seek new solutions, creating a distinct need for more flexibility. Our holistic approach to accelerating this market will include working with Elroy Air and its Chaparral system, capable of delivering cargo (250-500 lbs) over distances up to 300 miles, as well as our work in associated services and air traffic management solutions.”

“Elroy Air aims to open a new chapter for the logistics market with point-to-point autonomous aerial cargo systems” said Dave Merrill, CEO of Elroy Air. “Elroy Air’s Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) cargo delivery aircraft, the Chaparral, will operate without airports or charging stations, and is optimized for freight with automated cargo loading and unloading. Our collaboration with EmbraerX will accelerate our path to deployment in commercial freight markets.”

This partnership is part of EmbraerX´s multi-project approach to further develop the air mobility ecosystem. The manufacturer hopes to create the perfect conditions for people and goods to move from A to B in an affordable and seamless way.

As autonomy and logistics platform company, Elroy Air is the perfect partner for Embraer for its mission. The company is developing industry-advancing autonomous aircraft systems and software to deliver cargo rapidly and flexibly. The company´s VTOL aerial logistics systems can operate outside of airport infrastructure and can carry 250-500lbs of cargo over 300 miles.

Commercial cargo by air to expand delivery options, immediate aid and relief in disaster and firefighting situations, and rapid autonomous resupply for troops in the field are also advantages of the vehicle. Elroy Air was founded in2016 by UAS.

Embraer is a global company with its headquarters in Brazil. The company produces commercial and executive aircraft. The company was founded in1969 and has since then delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. The global Embraer fleet transports over 145 million passengers a year.

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