UAV Eve and Widerøe sign partnership to develop air mobility solutions

Embraer´s Eve and Norway´s Widerøe have signed a partnership to develop new air mobility solutions.

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Eve and Widerøe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on developing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions. A special focus has been put on working on eVTOL solutions for the Scandinavian market.

Recently, Widerøe introduced an Air Mobility Business Incubator with Widerøe Zero. Together, the companies will use Eve´s zero-emission eVTOL aircraft EVA to develop a new concept for passenger operations. Aim of the partnership is it, to develop new business models in the sustainable mobility sector and to connect people of sparsely populated regions.

Widerøe Zero will contribute to a market readiness exercise. Furthermore, the companies will perform a study in Scandinavia for a vehicle concept of operation. This will further Eve´s development of the UAM market in the Scandinavian region.

André Stein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eve, commented: "We are thrilled to work together with Widerøe Zero to develop UAM solutions in Scandinavia, with an entirely new, zero-emission, experience to travelers.”

Andreas Kollbye Aks, Chief Executive Officer at Widerøe Zero, added: “Widerøe Zero is excited to work with Eve on the eVTOL concept. Although initially designed for Urban Air Mobility, we expect these highly flexible vehicles to be interesting in a variety of applications also in rural areas; from cargo to passenger transportation. Our partnership with Eve is part of our plan to accelerate the development of sustainable aviation in Norway. We are looking forward to the expanded partnership, unlocking new opportunities to improve regional connectivity.”

Regarding UAM, Stein added: “In order to contribute to the world target to eliminate greenhouse gas emission by 2050, the aerospace industry depends on disruptive innovation. With Urban Air Mobility, we have a unique opportunity to design a new and optimized mobility ecosystem: infrastructure, vehicle, operations and air traffic management systems.”

The partnership of Embraer and Widerøe started in 2017, when the regional carrier signed a purchase agreement with the manufacturer for 15 Embraer E190-E2 jets. The airline became the launch operator of the E2 in Scandinavia in April 2018.

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