UAV Halo orders 200 eVTOL aircraft, becomes partner with Eve

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions (Eve) and Halo have signed deals regarding a partnership that sees the company order 200 eVTOL aircraft.

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The Urban Air Mobility market is constantly growing as more and more companies develop realistic solutions for the aviation of the future. Now, Eve Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Solutions has signed a strategic partnership with company Halo, which will see both sides working together on developing UAM products and services in the UK and US.

Moreover, the agreement includes a purchase deal for 200 of Eve´s eVTOL aircraft. eVTOL translates to electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and is a new type of aircraft that enables a rethinking of urban travel. Deliveries for the first aircraft are expected to commence in 2026. It is also one of the largest orders that have been made in the UAM industry.

With the agreement, Halo will be the launch partner for Eve both in the United Kingdom and the United States. Halo is a leading premium helicopter travel provider in these markets and the first global vertical lift provider. Eve was formed by Embraer S.A. and is an independent company.

Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal of Directional Aviation, investment fund of which Halo is part of, commented: “We believe Eve has designed an aircraft that is well-prepared for not only initial certification but also has a proven track record of production […] The outstanding lineage of aircraft design, certification and production that Embraer brings to this aircraft positions Eve with significant advantages in the competitive landscape. And our background as operators has taught us that product support is absolutely vital to the overall success of new programs. The relationship between Embraer and Eve will create one of the most successful global product support infrastructures in the industry.“

Andre Stein, President & CEO of Eve Urban Air Mobility, added: “This partnership is an important step for Eve to assume its position as a global leader in the UAM industry. We are ready to build the future of mobility with our partners in an extremely collaborative way. Halo is aligned with our mission to create comprehensive Urban Air Mobility solutions and this order marks an important milestone for Eve in key markets. We are confident that this mutually beneficial relationship will have a positive impact for many future users and enable both companies to grow their businesses exponentially.”

The partners will work together on Eve´s Urban Air Traffic Management system, on fleet operations and other service product offerings. Halo is an internationally experienced operator and this knowledge will be needed in order to create a realistic product.

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