UAV Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam explores use of drones

RAI Amsterdam and the Johan Cruijff Arena will jointly explore the use of a drone hub corridor for added value and feasibility.

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During an event in the Johan Cruijff Arena, CEO Henk Markerink and RAI Amsterdam CEO Paul Riemens announced that both venues will work together on evaluating the use of drones. The urban issues of mobility, digital infrastructure and safety are the topics during the Amsterdam Drone Week, which is taking place between December 4 and 6 in RAI Amsterdam.

After this summer, both RAI Amsterdam and Johan Cruijff Arena will start exploring the opportunities and possibilities that drone technology can offer. Business, inhabitants and the whole city could benefit from a possible drone corridor.

Both companies will investigate the possibility of adding eVTOL hubs. These are places, where electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles can take-off and land without hindrance. The outcome of the research will be then presented during the Amsterdam Drone Week.

Paul Riemens explains about the collaboration: “We want to investigate whether it is possible, for example, to organize blood or organ transports through the city with drones. Companies such as Uber, Airbus and Amazon say they are ready. However, it seems to me that social parties should also investigate what is desirable and feasible. This project is a first step in this direction and we cordially invite other parties to join in."

Henk Markerink, CEO of the Johan Cruijff ArenA, sees the exploration as a logical step in the long collaboration between RAI and the stadium. “We are both smart venues and we believe in the opportunities and possibilities that urban air mobility can offer. For example, during events, drones could be an extension of support services and contribute to crowd control and safety inspection. So it makes sense that we investigate those possibilities, together with the municipality of Amsterdam, among others.”

Nynke Lipsius, Event Director Amsterdam Drone Week, added: "The Urban Air Mobility Demonstrator project (EIP-SCC-UAM) is a European initiative with the aim of exploring innovations with the application of drone technology within urban areas. The objective is that drones ultimately contribute to a sustainable, safer and more accessible city."

The Amsterdam Drone Weeks is a tech platform for sharing knowledge in current air solutions. Between the 4th of December and the 6th of December, key players, big and small, commercial and non-commercial companies gather to co-create and co-operate. The ultimate aims is to create urban air solutions together.

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