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Fixed-wing drones developer Robot Aviation has decided to join Unmanned System Technology (UST), a platform where the company can showcase its products.

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Robot Aviation has joined the Unmanned System Technology (UST) platform to demonstrate its expertise in the field. The platform will help the company to showcase its drones and how they perform under different conditions.

The company Robot Aviation is known as fixed-wing UAV producer for inspections & monitoring as well as for surveillance & security.

Robot Aviation has three main unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in their portfolio, the FX20, the FX450 and the FX10.

The FX20 is a high-performance medium-range UAS. The vehicle can be transported in a small van and is being operated by two persons. Robot Aviation has developed a portable launcher that allows runway-independent operations.

The FX20 meets all FAA regulations for UAS vehicles under 55lbs. Three hours of airborne time allow to perform high-coverage missions. Equipped with various systems to help stabilization and to provide radio communications, the FX20 is suited for various missions. Its range of 300km allows the ability to stream live video from 60km away.

The company´s SkyRobot FX450 was developed as long-range UAS and can be airborne for 20 hours. It was designed for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions and therefore is equipped with bigger fuel tanks and a more efficient engine.

Just like the FX20, the FX450 can be fitted with various systems, which help operators to maximize the vehicles´ abilities. For example, live video streaming can be performed through datalink options, with a reach of 200km.

The third vehicle in Robot Aviation´s line-up is the FX10, which is a portable UAS that can be hand-launched. It was developed for professional surveillance applications. It is built around a composite airframe and a gimbal ensures smooth camera operations.

With the electric propulsion system, the FX10 can be in the air for up to two hours. Systems like GPS, INS and laser altitude help the aircraft to accomplish autonomous operations.

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