UAV Siemens launches UAV driven overhead line inspection service

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Siemens has announced, that it has launched a new approach for overhead line inspections called SIEAERO.

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The group will use new Artificial-Intelligence (AI) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for overhead line inspections. All flights with the UAV will be performed with the Camcopter S-100 from the Schiebel Group. The S-100 is a high-performance long-range UAV with a high payload capacity.

With SIEARO, Siemens will introduce a number of innovations to bring line inspections in general to the next level. Especially the UAVs will be very well suited for beyond visual line-of-sight operations. On-board of the S-100 UAVs are SIEAERO multi-sensor systems, which were developed in order to meet the complex requirements.

Mirko Düsel, CEO Transmission Solutions at Siemens' Energy Management Division commented: "SIEAERO is a game changer in overhead line inspection because we are using digitalization to bring services for our customers to the next level [...] Everything, from planning and performing inspection flights, managing and analysing the gathered data to report generation and long-term data archiving, is more cost-efficient with SIEAERO - and it provides better and faster results on top."

The SIEAERO system will record data like 3D laser data, ultra-high definition colour images, corona images and infrared images. According to Siemens, the data system will then analyse the collected information and is able to assess faults and issues along the overhead lines. All information can be directly integrated into customer´s management systems.

Siemens said, that until local regulations allow UAV flights with visual line-of-sight features, the company will use helicopters for the overhead line inspections.

In the overhead line inspection market, Siemens sees huge potential. In Europe and North America alone, there are a more than 200,000 kilometres of overhead lines transmitting power to industries and households. Every single line is critical and has to undergo regular maintenance to avoid failures.

The Camcopter S-100 UAV from Schiebel will also be involved in R&D activities to ensure specific requirements are met. The S-100 is able to fly distances of up to 200km with a load capacity of 50kg. Beginning March 2019, SIEAERO will use the S-100 from Schiebel for their overhead line inspection service.

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