UAV Zephyr Airworks enters partnership with Air New Zealand over electric air taxi

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Zephyr Airworks and Air New Zealand stated, that both parties have signed an agreement to work collaboratively on the first autonomous electric air taxi service.

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With Kitty Hawk, the world´s first autonomous electric air taxi service, Zephyr Airworks and Air New Zealand aim to make autonomous air travel a reality for all New Zealanders. Main target is, to embrace new technologies that make life easier and to understand the potential for new energy solutions in the future.

Six months ago, Zephyr introduced the air taxi Cora. As of now, the Cora vehicle - called Kitty Hawk - has been in the air for seven hundred flight tests globally. The ultimate aim is it, to certify Cora for everyday flying.

With the collaboration between Zephyr and Air New Zealand comes enormous potential of what the companies can achieve together.

Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon said: "Zephyr Airworks is leading the way in re-defining personal mobility to make it easier for all of us to get around. Zephyr Airworks' innovative technology and commitment to New Zealand make them an ideal partner for advancing the future of travel in New Zealand."

Zephyr Airworks Chief Executive Fred Reid added: "Air New Zealand is one of Aotearoa's best-known international brands. With its culture of innovation, high standards, and vision for a sustainable future, Air New Zealand is the perfect partner to help us reinvent mobility for everyday flight in New Zealand."

Recently, Zephyr Airworks celebrated the opening of its hangar in New Zealand. The hangar represents the first base of operations as the Cora fleet is constantly growing. During that ceremony, Zephyr had Ngai Tahu, a leader of a tribe in New Zealand´s South Island, to bless the hangar. The company seeks to bring people together to achieve the goal of a simplified way to travel by air.

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