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Air France has announced, that it is currently thinking about ceasing its low-cost project Joon.

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The airline admitted in a statement, that the Joon brand was difficult to understand from the outset for investors, employees and the customers. Initially, Air France launched Joon in December 2017 as airline for millennials, but then commenced operations with flights to important business destinations like Berlin or Barcelona.

Air France stated that the plurality of brands in the same market segment created too much complexity. In the end, Joon weakened the power of the Air France brand, said the carrier.

After talks with employees and customers, Air France has now decided to launch a project that examines Joon´s future and how the low-cost carrier could be integrated back to Air France.

Now Air France announced it has reached an agreement between the airline and the cabin crew for the future. It sees current Joon employees being brought back to the mainline carrier. According to the flag-carrier, working conditions for current Joon employees will be better at Air France. The French airline hopes to deliver better service in return.

Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM, said about this agreement: “I am very pleased with this new balanced agreement, which represents the successful conclusion of the categorical discussions with our cabin crew.  Working together with SNPNC, UNAC, and UNSA-PNC, we were able to resolve many concerns of our cabin crew, while simultaneously working to align their interests with Air France.  With this balanced agreement, I hope to see improved trust and fruitful dialogue between Air France and our employees, as I firmly believe that we must have employee buy in and support in order to truly become a global leader.”

In addition to the integration of all Joon employees, Air France also hopes to harmonize its product. When the project Joon ends, the flag carrier sees an easier way to manage the fleet of aircraft. Moreover, Air France would be able to enable a smooth transition of the Airbus A350s that are currently on order.

In regard of the transition, Air France wrote: "The simplification of the brand portfolio, while capitalising on the Air France mother brand, is an undeniable asset for our employees, our customers, and indeed all stake holders. It would also enable Air France to complete this integration without impacting the efficiency of the Air France-KLM Group."

Joon was established in 2017 as low-cost carrier. Its current fleet consists of eight Airbus A320s, five A321 and four A340-300s. All aircraft have been previously flying with Air France. Joon currently operates flights to 14 European and seven intercontinental destinations.

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