Airlines easyJet to order more than 250 new Airbus A320neo Family aircraft

Low-cost carrier easyJet has released a proposed aircraft order for more than 250 new jets to boost seat capacity and sustainability.

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One of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe, easyJet, has published plans to further strengthen its presence in the market. Over the course of a trading update, the airline explained that it seeks to order over 250 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft. This decision is subject to shareholder approval.

If approved, easyJet seeks to take delivery of 257 new A320 aircraft. This includes 157 firm orders for 56 A320neo and 101 A321neo aircraft and 100 additional purchase rights in the future. Deliveries could be carried out between FY29 and FY34. Until 2028, easyJet has 158 A320neo aircraft due to be delivered.

Over the course of the trading update, easyJet also announced that it has agreed to exercise conversion rights with the current order that will see 35 A320neo deliveries to be converted into A321neo aircraft.

With the new proposal, the carrier wants to replace approximately half of the A320ceo aircraft in the fleet. The older aircraft are less fuel efficient and modernising the fleet would mean a significant step toward more environmentally sustainable operations. Additionally, easyJet wants to replace its complete A319 aircraft.

Regarding the decision, easyJet explained that all manufacturers demonstrated their ability to meet the airline’s performance requirements, however Airbus was selected due to superior economics. Also, favourable delivery dates were secured with the manufacturer. EasyJet has a long-standing professional relationship with Airbus.

easyJet Group currently operates with 333 aircraft. The group consists of the mainline easyJet, easyJet Europe and easyJet Switzerland. All group airlines are operating with an all-Airbus fleet. Together, 91 A319s, 227 A320s and 15 A321s are being operated. Of those 333 aircraft, 68 aircraft are already NEO aircraft.

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