Airlines Flair Airlines starts 737 MAX 8 operations

Canadian operator Flair Airlines has taken its first Boeing 737-8 aircraft into service, which will modernize overall operations.

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Flair Airlines has become the latest airline to use the modern Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The first of 13 737-8 has now entered service with the Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier (ULCC). With this milestone, Flair not only strengthens, but modernize its fleet for efficient as possible operations.

Stephen Jones, President and CEO, Flair Airlines, confirmed: “Today marks a huge milestone as Flair grows to bring affordable travel options to more Canadians […] Canadians have been paying too much for too long, and Flair is changing that thanks to the addition of the new 737-8 aircraft which provide us the efficiencies and ability to scale our service. Today’s inaugural flight kicks off our rapid growth.”

The first flight of the aircraft has been performed by Captain Matt Kunz, Vice President, Business Transformation and Operations, and Captain Harold Knop, Regulatory Compliance and Certification Manager on the route between Edmonton and Toronto.

Before taking delivery of the aircraft, Flair Airlines has been working hard to be as prepared as possible. Not only the pilots have been conducting extensive training programs, maintenance professionals and crew member have been, too. In May, the carrier took delivery of the first 737 MAX aircraft.

Since then, two more aircraft have been entered the fleet but only started scheduled passenger services now. The MAX aircraft join the airline´s existing fleet of three Boeing 737-800s that are around 11 years old respectively.

Until Summer of next year, Flair Airlines plans to have a fleet of 16 aircraft. In five years, the carrier wants to fly with 50 aircraft. This would make the only independent ULCC in the country one of the largest airlines in Canada.

“The new aircraft allow Flair to achieve the lowest cost per seat mile of any Canadian airline. The aircraft will deliver fuel savings and cut the airline’s CO2 emissions by 14%. Lower per passenger emissions are a vital step in lowering Flair’s carbon footprint as it works to become Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airline,“ Flair Airlines stated.

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