Airlines KrasAvia takes delivery of two ATR 72-500 Turboprops

Aircraft manufacturer has announced, that Russian carrier KrasAvia took delivery of two ATR 72 Turboprop aircraft.

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Russian airline KrasAvia has added a new aircraft type to its fleet. The carrier took delivery of two ATR 72-500 Turboprop and has become the first airline in the country to operate the aircraft type. It is also the first ATR ever to be registered in Russia.

The two ATR 72-500 have been purchased second-hand from Swedish lessor Erik Thun and the deal was arranged by Bertrand Lattes Aviation Capital (BLAC).

With the two aircraft, the airline will expand its business and will be able to operate flights to new markets and destinations. The two ATR 72-500s are expected to replace the aging Antonov An-24 and An-26 aircraft. Of the seven aircraft are three already stored.

The new turboprop aircraft will bring more efficient and environmentally friendly operations into carrier´s operations. KrasAvia is serving remote regional of Siberia. In this challenging environment, the ATR 72 will be a reliable aircraft, as it is certified to take-off and land in extreme cold conditions.

Andrey Egorov, General Director of KrasAvia, confirmed: “The acquisition of these two ATR 72-500 shows that we are ever more committed to improving our fleet and offering our passengers a smoother flying experience. They will replace our smaller Antonov An-24 and An-26 turboprop, which have reached over 40 years of service. Thanks to the ATR 72-500 versatility and modern and spacious cabin, we will continue to support the connectivity needs of the Siberian communities, with increased seat capacity and higher standards of comfort.”

Stefano Bortoli, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, added: “All regions deserve the same opportunity to be part of a connected world, and ATR aircraft show unrivalled performance in connecting people and businesses responsibly. The entry into service of these aircraft is highly significant, as KrasAvia is the first public airline in Russia to purchase and operate ATR. We are truly glad to see our aircraft continuing to support regional connectivity in the country.”

KrasAvia has its operational base in Krasnoyarsk, which is the third largest city in Siberia with a population of 1.1 million people. Mainly, the airline is operating scheduled passenger services, but is also offering charter flights. The route from Krasnoyarsk to Khatanga, near the Arctic Ocean, is one of the longest scheduled ATR routes (984NM / 1822km) – a four-hour flight.

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