Airlines Nolinor Aviation purchases three Boeing 737-400s

Canada´s Nolinor Aviation has confirmed the acquisition of three Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

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Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, Nolinor Aviation has decided to acquire three Boeing 737-400 aircraft. By expanding its fleet, the carrier hopes to be well prepared once the economy has recovered.

During the economy recovery, the airline will be able to offer its customers more flights and flexibility. The carrier has been very proactive since the beginning of the crisis using its fleet of Boeing 737-200. The airline even flew to Morocco to bring home Canadians.

With this announcement, Nolinor will become the only operator in Québec to fly with the 737-400. In total, 158 passengers can be accommodated in the economy class configuration. Each aircraft will be receiving a cabin that complies with the airline´s safety and service standards.

Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation commented: “The Boeing 737-400 is a major addition to our fleet. It’s a way to modernize our services and improve energy efficiency. When the crisis is over, Nolinor Aviation will be in a favourable position at the starting line.”

Nolinor Boeing 737-400 © Nolinor
Nolinor Boeing 737-400 © Nolinor

With the aircraft, Nolinor can operate flights to more distant destinations such as the Caribbean. Furthermore, larger payloads can be carried. On-board comfort and amenities will provide the customers with better in-flight service.

Regarding the usage of the aircraft, Nolinor stated: "This type of aircraft is ideal for sports clubs, troupes of artists (such as orchestras), conference attendees and groups of tourists. Nolinor Aviation will also be able to offer these services to other airlines experiencing technical problems."

Vincent Dufort, Director of Business Development, concluded: “This acquisition will allow us to meet a wider range of needs. Clients will be able to reserve their flight on a 737-400 very shortly by contacting me.”

Nolinor Aviation is a Canadian carrier, which was founded in 1992. The airline is currently operating with nine Boeing 737-200s and one Boeing 737-300. The average fleet age is nearly 40 years, making it one of the oldest in the industry. Nolinor´s main operational hub is located at Montréal Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau Airport.

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