Airports Mitnija to build new passenger terminal at Vilnius Airport

Construction company Mitnija has won the tender to build a new passenger terminal at Vilnius Airport.

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One of the largest construction companies in Lithuania has won the public tender to build a new 14,400 square meter big passenger terminal at Vilnius Airport. The public tender amounted nearly EUR 25 million.

With the contract, Mitnija will also deal with transforming another 34,000 square meters of access areas. As state-owned enterprise, Lithuanian Airports commissioned the project to Mitnija. The completion of the project is expected to be at the end of 2022.

Dainius Čiuplys, Head of Vilnius Airport said: “We are launching one of the most important stages of this four-year project. Detailed planning of works and needs has taken several years. The project is necessary for increasing the capacity of Vilnius Airport and becomes even more relevant in an attempt to adapt to the new challenges posed by the pandemic.”

The investments that go into the new terminal are planned to pay off in 10 to 15 years, Čiuplys added. First works and the preparation of the site for the new building are expected to begin in the upcoming weeks.

New passenger terminal at Vilnius Airport
New passenger terminal at Vilnius Airport

The new terminal will be built in the northern area of the airport, between the VIP terminal – which was recently build as well – and the old terminal. In total, it will increase the area of Vilnius airport terminals by over 30 percent and could double the passenger capacity.

Mitnija has presented its concept for the new terminal with two stories. In the first story, passengers will be able to check-in and there will be public spaces with cafes, offices and other premises. The second story will host the security check and the departure gates for passengers that will travel to Schengen destinations.

Andrius Drizga, Mitnija’s Project Manager added: “This work will pose the greatest challenge to our team. In only three months we will have to upgrade 34,000 sq. m of access areas – reconfigure the engineering networks, parking lot and transport system, as well as construct roof covers. This will create a new transport system with a much better throughput. We already know that this work is likely to proceed 24/7.”

The normal airport operations will not be affected by the construction works and it will ensure safety and comfort for passengers and staff. Special attention has been put on the energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental requirements.

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