Freight Air New Zealand to operate more cargo flights under the MIAC scheme

Flag-carrier Air New Zealand has released, that it has been awarded to operate more international cargo flights.

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Over the course of the by the government of New Zealand implemented “Maintaining International Air Connectivity (MIAC)” schedule, carrier Air New Zealand has been awarded with additional international cargo flights.

As Australia´s strategy in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic saw bubbles implemented between the continent’s countries, air travel between the countries and between international states became difficult. Therefore, the MIAC was implemented so that international routes can be maintained.

This MIAC schedule has now been extended through October and Air New Zealand has been granted additional freighter capacity for international flights. The flag-carrier airline will operate around 30 flights per week to 13 destinations.

The operations include flights to Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as freight services to key Pacific ports. It will allow the airline to regain an international cargo network and to not only gain revenue, but also to provide commercial goods to the residents.

Air New Zealand General Manager Cargo, Anna Palairet, said: "MIAC is helping our import and export community maintain essential trade with key international markets during an extended period of disruption and we're really proud to be part of making that happen. Operating these services also allows us to bring Kiwis home where other commercial services haven't been able to operate."

"The New Zealand Ministry of Transport has done an outstanding job with the scheme and it's fantastic to see it continuing to allow for stable support until passenger travel begins to pick up again," she added.

The airline stated, that with the trans-Tasman and Cook Islands bubble now in place, these services are operating outside of the MIAC scheme. Palariet stated: "With the Tasman and Rarotonga bubbles now in operation, services to Australia and the Cook Islands are currently not included in the scheme. However, we're fortunate the scheme provides a mechanism to support the movement of freight to these markets if those bubbles burst to ensure a stable supply chain."

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