Freight GECAS offers new flexible loading system for B737-700 CF


GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) has announced it will use Telair’ Flexible Loading System for all Boeing 737-800 converted freighters.

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Telair International has received the certification for its Flexible Loading system for all current and in-service Boeing 737 aircraft. The system should allow 737 operators to carry containerized cargo (baggage, mail, and parcel freight) in the lower hold of the aircraft, along with bulk-loaded bags. 

At the Paris Air Show 2017, GECAS has announced to convert 30 Boeing 737-800 into freighters with first deliveries planned for mid-2018. The jets will be converted by the US company Aeronautical Engineers Inc. A converted Boeing 737-800 can carry up to eleven full height containers with a total payload of 23.5 tons.  

This system improves loading efficiency and adds flexibility, especially for Combination, Express and E-commerce operators. The new system enables them to interline the Telair containers and reduce bulk loading times,” said Richard Greener, Senior Vice President & Manager, Cargo Aircraft Group, GECAS. “The Flexible Loading System allows Telair’s containers to be preloaded and screened at the cargo sort facility and brought on board the aircraft using existing bulk loading equipment.”

In January, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo has confirmed to lease the first two B737-800 freighters from GECAS. The African carrier will use the smaller cargo aircraft to complement its existing fleet of six Boeing 777F and two Boeing 757-200 Freighters.

As several airlines are phasing out its older Boeing 737-800, the number of planes available for conversion is growing.

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