General Aviation Bombardier announces sale of 10 Challenger 350 jets

Canadian business jet manufacturer Bombardier has announced it has sold 10 Challenger 350 business jets.

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An undisclosed customer has ordered 10 Challenger 350 aircraft and has become the largest business jet order this year for Bombardier. According to current list prices, the deal is approximately valued at US$ 267 million.

Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc commented: “This order highlights the tremendous value customers place on the unmatched capabilities of our aircraft [...] Bombardier’s newly refreshed portfolio and growing service network position the company well to respond to growing interest in private aviation and the enhanced safety it provides.”

This order represents desirability of Bombardier´s Challenger 350, which is a popular choice under business jet operators. It is also an important order in these difficult times, where travel restrictions are still in place and companies, airlines and operators are financially hit.

The Challenger 350 performed its maiden flight six years ago and has since then become one of the best-selling super midsize business jets in the industry. Bombardier is constantly working on making the aircraft more efficient and environmentally friendly.

With regular cabin upgrades, the Challenger 350 is able to accommodate up to 10 passengers in a modern cabin that ensures well-being of its passengers during the flight.

In the cockpit, Bombardier has built in latest avionics like a Head-Up-Display with Enhanced Vision Systems, a Collins Aerospace avionics suite with four large displays, a dual flight management system, a MultiScan weather radar and a Dual Inertial Reference System.

Regarding performance, the Challenger 350 is capable of flying at a top speed of Mach 0.83. The Take-off distance is 4,835ft and the landing distance 2,364ft. The business jet can fly at a maximum altitude of 45,000ft and is being powered by Honeywell HTF7350 turbofan engines.

Thanks to all these specifications, the Challenger 350 is capable of flying long-haul routes like from New York to Los Angeles or London, and Paris to Dubai without the need of a stopover.

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