General Aviation Civil Air Patrol purchases 17 Cessna piston engine aircraft

Textron Aviation has announced, that the Civil Air Patrol has signed a contract for purchasing 17 Cessna piston engine aircraft.

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Textron Aviation was awarded with a contract by the U.S. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for the sale of 17 Cessna piston engine aircraft. CAP signed to purchase a total of 11 Cessna Skyhawk 172S, five Skylane 182T and one Turbo Stationair HD T206HD aircraft. Currently, CAP is using around 550 Cessna aircraft.

With the aircraft, Civil Air Patrol will modernize and expand its fleet significantly. The non-profit organization is using funds from fiscal year 2020 to purchase the aircraft.

Bob Gibbs, vice president, Special Missions Sales commented: “From search and rescue, to disaster relief and homeland security, the missions the CAP undertake daily are as broad as their footprint across the U.S. We are honored that Cessna aircraft continue to be the organization’s platform of choice for these crucial operations.”

“The Cessna piston aircraft fleet is renowned in general aviation for its operating costs, performance and durability, all important factors for an organization supporting a variety of communities throughout the country,” Gibbs added.

In fiscal year, CAP saved a total of 117 lives and flew nearly 96,000 flight hours in their Cessna piston fleet. According to Textron Aviation, the organization is the largest Cessna piston aircraft operator in the world.

Back in 2019, CAP ordered 19 aircraft and deliveries of those have already begun with the delivery of two Turbo Stationair HD aircraft. This order also underlines the trust and commitment by CAP towards Cessna´s piston aircraft.

Regarding its special mission aircraft, Textron Aviation stated: "With unparalleled quality, versatility and low operating costs, Textron Aviation products are preferred for air ambulance, ISR, utility transport, aerial survey, flight inspection, training and a number of other special operations."

Textron Aviation is an aviation authority that operates the Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker brands. The company is part of Textron Inc., a multi-industry company from the United States. Together, Textron Aviation´s subsidiaries have delivered over 250,000 aircraft to customers in 170 countries.

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