General Aviation Embraer reaches new milestone with 1,500th busines jet delivery

Brazilian aerospace company Embraer has reached a new milestone with the 1,500th delivery of a business jet.

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The delivery of Business Jet number 1500 is a new milestone for Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, as the company has been one of the most influential players in the industry for two decades now. The aircraft is a Phenom 300E, which has been the company´s best-selling light jet for nine years in a row.

Lucky customer to receive business jet 1500 is Haute Aviation, a Swiss operator that focuses on charter, brokerage and aircraft management, Embraer stated. Michael Amalfitano, President & CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, confirmed: “We are honored to announce Embraer Executive Jet’s 1,500th delivery. This landmark delivery to Haute Aviation reflects our commitment to delivering the ultimate experience in business aviation.”

Catherine Tamagni, Head of Marketing and Communication at Haute Aviation added: “We believe the aircraft’s two engines will suit our passengers who prefer not to fly in a single-engine aircraft, as this allows for uncompromised range and payload performance. However, we are most confident that our charter clients will be impressed by the fantastic cabin with its best-in-class altitude, low noise and extreme comfort.”

With the 300E, Haute Aviation will diversify its aircraft portfolio, which currently includes a single-engine turboprop and ultra-long-range aircraft. With the Phenom 300E´s non-stop range of over 2000 nautical miles and 3,700 kilometers, customers from Switzerland will be able to fly to destinations throughout Europe and the world.

Haute Aviation is based at Saanen-Gstaad airport, which is located in middle of the Swiss Alps. The situational circumstances however are not a problem for the Phenom 300E, as modern technologies have been installed into the cockpit like a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and a system to enhance situational awareness (ROAAS).

“For Haute Aviation, the new Phenom 300E is the best product on the market to complete the range of our fleet […] The Phenom 300E also has one of the best lavatories in its category as it’s fully enclosed with two full-size windows and is certified for takeoff and landing. We are looking forward to introducing the Phenom 300E, as well as growing our partnership with Embraer,” added Tamagni.

Since the introduction into the market, Embraer has delivered the 1500 aircraft to over 950 customers from more than 80 countries across the globe. Embraer stated that its executive aviation business has accumulated an annual growth rate of 22% since 2002.

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