Helicopters Global Bell 429 fleet surpasses 500,000 flight hours

Bell Helicopters has announced, that the global Bell 429 fleet has reached a new milestone in surpassing 500,000 flight hours.

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Helicopter manufacturer Bell has extended their new year celebrations with a new milestone. The global Bell 429 helicopter fleet has officially surpassed 500,000 fleet hours as the aircraft continues to showcase its popularity with versatile operators around the globe.

More than 400 Bell 429 are currently operative in the world, mainly with companies that serve missions in segments like corporate transport, HEMS, law enforcement or utility missions. This shows, that the 429 is multi-dimensionally deployable in various markets within the aviation industry.

As reliable twin-engine helicopter, the Bell 429 is relied on by many search and rescue and law enforcement organizations like the Swedish National Police, New York Police Department, Canadian Coast Guard or Air Zermatt’s Swiss Alps rescue team.

For such missions, the aircraft´s optional clamshell doors fit litters and cargo, which allows for safe and fast rescue operations in the loading and unloading process. When it comes to corporate travel, customers can opt for the installation of a luxurious cabin.

Just recently, Bell Helicopters was able to announce new members to the 429 family. The New South Wales Police Force welcomed a first helicopter to its fleet, made its debut in the Cambodian market and was also selected by Kuwait International Aircraft Leasing to boost Kuwait’s Ministry of Health emergency capabilities.

Last year, the manufacturer showcased a Bell 429 ESG law enforcement demonstrator during European Rotos 2021, which has recently gained certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA.

All these milestones underline the importance of the 429 helicopter for Bell and its parent company Textron Aviation. The platform has developed over years to become a versatile and flexible equipment for different operational circumstances, while also incorporating modern technologies and technical inventions.

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